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Logo Design

A logo is a visual representation of your company and is usually a combination of text and an image.  A professionally well designed logo not only builds trust but also facilitates brand loyalty. In most cases potential customers will gravitate to a company with a strong, memorable logo brand. Logos can be in various forms so here are examples of five types of logo styles commonly used.

Can be a whole word, a few words, or the starting letters of several words combined to form a new word. Examples of wordmark logos include eBay, Google, Facebook and FedEx.

logos are made from illustrations, pictograms, or a combination of an illustration and words. Examples include Apple, Twitter and Shell.

These types of logos  can consist of either straight forward or stylized letters or comprise of a single letter or acronym. Examples of lettermark logos are Hewlett-Packard, McDonald’s, CNN

Symbol types of logos are like abstract art and are unique and memorable. Examples of successfully designed symbol logos are Nike, Mitsubishi, Adidas and Pepsi.

The intent to represent strength, distinctiveness, and tradition. Many are in the shape of a shield or crest. Due to the complexity of creating these types of logos they are usually time consuming and most costly. Examples of emblem logos are Harley-Davidson and Porsche.

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Branding and Guidelines

Along with a unique logo, a comprehensive brand guideline is a must for any serious business.  It is important in establishing and defining your corporate identity along with it’s creative assets from print to digital. It is like the bible of your brand consisting of the font, colors, styles, spacing and general usage of your logo. Your brand guideline is critical to maintain the consistency of your brand when when working with partners, clients and vendors. 

501pm will help you to create, implement and establish a unified branding across all your print materials, signage, catalogs, newsletters, web sites, merchandise and event displays with solutions supported by creativity, technical expertise and exceptional quality. Contact us today.