Digital Marketing

The constant change in technology have created significant shifts in traditional marketing which no longer reaches audiences like it once did. The push towards newspapers and magazines have slowed and there is a significant fall off in the advertising revenue of TV and radio. Recent studies have shown that an advantageous way to market your business today is to integrate a digital plan that is cost effective and result oriented.

Digital Marketing opens new opportunities and possibilities with:

  • Strategies that are data driven and highly targeted
  • Results that can be measured in real time allowing for immediate strategy adjustments
  • Better evaluation of brand’s needs, objectives and goals.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity.
By utilizing social media, email campaigns, SEO and online advertising platforms, 501pm will help you to develop a powerful digital strategy that is cost effective and result oriented.

Social Media

In supporting your social media campaigns, we not only answers questions but seeks out conversations relevant to your brand. We will listen to your audience in order to understand and engage them.

  • Create a social media plan that engages the audience with high-quality content
  • Deliver a content calendar & plan
  • Weekly content post with photo or video and call to action
  • Provide campaign reports (likes, followers, links etc)

E-Newsletters & Press Releases

Create  newsworthy e-newsletters that bring customer and partner stories into the spotlight. Reinforce the branding, customer services and the client’s message. Highlight upcoming events and services while offering partners the opportunity to have an article or advertisement in the newsletter. Encourage partnerships that send our message to their customer database.

  • Integration of email platform such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact
  • Newsletter template design (html)
  • Content articles, 2-3 images or ads per edition (information/images provided by CLIENT)
  • Links to web site, request forms, partners
  • Campaign Reports